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digital paintings
Jeannie Mecorney: Painter

Artist Statement_info@mecorney.com

Growing up in California I spent much time traveling in a family car. Landscapes would fly by as fleeting moments or they were suspended forward in the distance. As a child I captured them in my head. Now I point my camera outside the window and paint the captured image as I saw it from the car.

I have a traditional art degree from the University of California at Berkeley in Studio Art. After graduation I spent many years as a graphic designer in film, print, television and the web before creating the Multimedia Art and Technology program [currently the Digital Art and Animation program] at Cañada College in Redwood City, California. I taught digital painting, graphic design, illustration, photography, imaging, color management and photo restoration.

Now that I am retired I control the blank canvas! I love sketching, en plain air painting and taking my tablet wherever I go.

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